Premium Disk Brake

Brake cushion coating is the crystallization of grating material coming about because of the brake cushion arriving at temperatures over the predetermined warmth range (overheating) or ill-advised “sheet material in” of the brake cushions.

Such crystallization can bring about helpless halting execution, extra brake vibrations, or breaking in the brake cushion material. Coating is a misnomer and has not actually been seen since the disposal of asbestos. A large number of the fixings in the more established asbestos linings would combine during slowing down due to the serious warmth produced at the interface of the drum covering and drum.

The combination of the materials would frame an indistinct (for example glass-like) layer with helpless halting capacity. The present profoundly designed contact materials are intended to rapidly shape a smooth cleaned surface that covers both the circle and the cushion surface with an infinitesimal layer of material known as the exchange layer (or third body layer.) This layer is fundamental for predictable grating level, long life, low residue and calm execution.

Bosch devoted designing to stage explicit premium materials, guaranteeing outstanding halting force and calm activity with low residue

Calm activity with elastic center multi-facet shim gives expanded strength and protection against commotion

Progressed aviation amalgam utilized in licensed copper free clay and semi-metallic rubbing recipe is consistent with 2025 Copper Free enactment

Defensive exchange layer broadens cushion and rotor life

Spaces and chamfers for premium quality, fit, and capacity; equipment unit (where accessible) and engineered ointment included to play out a total brake job.Powder covered support plate forestalls rust and consumption for delayed cushion life

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