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Car Rims

The rim is described as the “outermost layers of a tyre that keep the tyre together.” On vehicles such as motorcycles, this is the outer circular outline of the rear wheels over which the inner edge of the tyre is placed. The rim of a bike wheel, for example, is a long hoop attached to the outer ends of the rear wheel bearings that holds the tyre or hose.

Disc Brakes

The most popular friction coefficient brakes are “shoe” or “pad” brakes, which use a specific wear surface, and hydrostatic brakes, such as propellers, which do not wear directly and use resistance in a cooling medium.


Tyres are an essential part of wheel setup. For example, your vehicle’s rim size is fixed, but you can get various types of tyres to fit those rims as long as the tire’s centre is the right size. However, larger tyres would be appropriate for a vehicle with wider rims than others.